Theories that Capture ICT Progress

Theories that Capture ICT Progress

When I reflect on the theories what I have read during week one, I think of past assignments where I have researched theorists opinions on the way students are being taught in classrooms.

Reflecting on the theories of Yong Zhao, it could be discussed that there is a need for educational reform and that current educational subject matter seems to be inhibiting students’ preparation for the future, by limiting their skills.   If you would like to read more about Yong Zhao’s theory then link onto this website

I realise that not everyone will agree with Yong Zhao.  For myself I can relate to this.  As when I began in the workforce no one could have imagined the changes that have occurred since this time.   Being a mature age student I believe that we are educating students for jobs that have done even been created, it is important to continuously update subject matter to keep up with change, even though at times it can be overwhelming for us all.

I also believe this links to creativity.  The theorist ‘Kenneth Robinson’ has ideas regarding the need for creativity in the 21st century and these theories are noted in this link.


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