Understanding PKM

Understanding PKM

I am still getting my head around this course.  I do believe I understand the use of ICT in the classroom I have taught and where I support teachers in my role as a teacher aide.

The part I have to work on is the knowledge of understanding the programs I am using and how they work in with other programs and how they interconnect.

Personally I love using ICT and am motivated to use for my professional experience.  I have researched programs to support the students learning.   While I was teaching time for a year two class, I used an interactive time game from Maths Frame.co.uk.  I have provided a link if you would like to share this resource. http://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/116/telling_the_time

I am very new at sharing, but am looking forward to sharing more of the knowledge I acquire in regards to ICT.


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