Linking my ICT Understanding with Other Students

Linking my ICT Understanding with Other Students

I have been reading through the requirement of EDC3100 we have to do for Assignment one and for weeks one and two.  When I began, I had a feeling that I had lost the race that I had not even started.

As I began to read Beata’s post about ‘Our capabilities and limitations’, I realised that I too had been putting limitations on my learning in EDC3100.  As I proceeded to read on further in this post, I began to see a different picture, especially after reading Stephanie Sammon’s article that Beata had made a link to.

For me, Stephanie’s article was very inspiring.  It explains three ways to break through your self-imposed limits in details.  Below I have summarised the way I intend to endeavour to break through my self-imposed limits.  If you feel you have felt this way also, I encourage you to read Stephanie’s article.

The first is ‘Choose your challenge’.  I have chosen to step right into this course and give it my all.  I know I am a little scared, but just like the article asks ‘What’s the worst that can happen if you take on this challenge?’

The second is ‘Prepare for your challenge’.  I have been mapping out the steps I need to complete and ticking one off at a time.

The third point is ‘Enlist Support for your challenge’.  I believe I need to discuss more on the forums, do more posts and go to tutorials when needed.

Straight away I feel I have accomplished something my making decisions and know I can continue along this road to success.


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