Classroom Pedagogy

Classroom Pedagogy

My understanding of pedagogy if that as a future teacher I want to provide the students I teach with a deep understanding and knowledge of the teaching and learning.  I want to be able to involve the students with their learning and provide all students with a safe environment with good behaviour management in the classroom to ensure all students are able to success and advance in their learning in an engaging curriculum.

An example of this is that I would implement a classroom behaviour program.  This program is called Class-Dojo.  This program is suitable to be used in lower and higher primary sectors.  The students receive a positive Dojo for positive behaviour and a negative Dojo for negative behaviour.  Teachers are able to create personalised dojos that suit the classroom behaviour program.  Parents are informed weekly by email with a weekly report on how their child is doing in class.   Their points accumulate and the teacher and students negotiate how the points can be used.  This program would align with the expectations of the school rules and would be based on the social skills program of the school, which in this case is Program-Achieve.    Program Achieve a social skilling program that covers five main topics.  These are Confidence, Getting Along, Persistence, Organisation and Emotional Resilience.

This program has a visual and musical program for lower primary and a higher engaging program for higher primary students.  Both are very engaging programs.  When classroom teachers and school provide students with good behaviour management skills, the students are more equipped to handle a situation which promotes engaging learning within the classroom.


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