A Little Lost

A Little Lost

After reading module 3, I feel a little lost to what to use in assignments and what not.  I must admit I am quite surprised about the Copyright Law of Australia as I always ensured I reference my work, but still I may not have had the right to use some of the information that has been used for assignments.  I have now learnt how to use Creative Commons which is a website dedicated to finding images, etc. that you can legally use within your assignments.  Up to now I have mostly been using images from Google, not knowing the wrong I may have been doing.   At least I am not the only student that is feeling this way.  When reading some blogs I realised Amy and Brendan were also unaware of this law.  I am sure there are many more of us that now need to reassess what we use.

I know I need to continue to read and learn more as I would not like these laws to stop me from using great resources in my future classrooms.


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