Wow! I smell a RAT

Wow!  I smell a RAT

I am completing week four and at the beginning was very overwhelmed with assignment two.  Now after rereading about RAT and seeing some of the examples, I am beginning to think that assignment two will bring challenges but also made me realise that I have already been using a lot of ICTs in the classroom.

We show videos on IWB and no longer show videos through a video player.  The teacher writes a lot on the IWB and has students brainstorm ideas and saves these handwritten ideas and revisits later.  The teacher also has students highlighting text on the IWB.   It is a daily occurrence in our classroom.

ICT as Amplification – Powerpoint slides are a great tool with lesson plans.  For example in Art, the teacher researched some of the artists and included their work in the power point.  This was not only valuable by showing some of the Artists art works, but also time saving and not having to search the internet during the lesson.

Teachers are able to save teaching materials in a digital form for future reference and the HPE teachers can also record running times and videos actions of students and then visually give feedback to the students to further their abilities.

T for Transformation – Well that’s me.  Up until now I have never used a blog and nor did I understand how valuable this tool could be.

Well that all from me for now…  Cheers


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