While reading posts from fellow students I came across the post ‘Listen to the Little Voices…….in your Classroom’ by Deanna Hardy.  To me this is so very true.

Students in the class that I work at teacher aide had to design their own car.  This post of Deanna’s made me think, straight back to the students designing their cars and just how much they learnt by constructing it and after they tested it, went back to do research on how to improve their designs.  In her post she linked to Amy Williamson’s post on ‘How much technology is too much technology within the classroom?’ When I flipped to Amy’s post that Deanna had mentioned, I realised again that this is also so true.  The one remark I quoted from this post was

allow students to think outside the box and demonstrate their skills’

When I refer back to the students on how transformed their constructions and by testing their designs came to the understanding what modifications where required.  They researched about this and then came up with even more ideas.  This class used technology is the way that engaged them to think outside the box and them to demonstrate their understandings to improve their designs.

As teachers we will need to ensure that we all don’t use ICTs in the classroom because it is the ‘done thing’, but because we are strengthening the abilities and knowledge of our students.

I also came across the website for  Whizz Education and they had a reading about ‘The effective ICT in Schools’ which had some good points in regards to my post.

If you are interested in this topic, click on the above link for Whizz Education.


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