Draft UoW for Assignment 2 – Backyard Discoveries

raft Unit of Work for Assignment 2 – Backyard Discoveries

My learning area is Year 1 Science.  I keep changing the unit title and at this stage I think I will be giving the title for my unit ‘Backyard Discoveries’, but I am still thinking if I can come up with a better title.  My main worry is that time is running out.  Not sure if I will be teaching this year level at my professional experience but if I do I am like Tracey Denison and would love the opportunity to use this unit and be able to impress my mentor.

My learning objectives and criteria are stated below.  All of these can be viewed in the Australian curriculum website for Year 1 Science.

The Australian Curriculum Year 1 Science – Biological Sciences

Constructing Knowledge Objective

Living things have a variety of external features (ACSSU017)

Living things live in different places where their needs are met (ACSSU211)

Criteria: Understanding dimension:  Science Understanding

Transforming Knowledge Objective

Participate in different types of guided investigations to explore and answer questions, such as manipulating materials, testing ideas, and accessing information sources (ACSIS025)

Criteria: Skills dimension:  Planning and Conducting and Processing and analysing data and information.

Represent and communicate observations and ideas in a variety of ways such as oral and written language, drawing and role play (ACSIS029)

Criteria: Skills dimension: Evaluating and Communicating

After being given permission to extend the length of this unit, I have decided to make this unit 6 weeks in length, and have the students involved in 3 lessons a week with a total of 18 lessons.  I believe this will give me ample time to teach and assess the unit.


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