Justifying the Use of the RAT framework

I have been creating my unit plan for assignment two and thinking just how I can justify my reasons why the ICTs I have embedded in my unit will enhance the students learning.

In my research I came across a paper written by Leah Taylor and Jim Parsons from the University of Alberta titled ‘Improving Student Engagement’ which helps me to justify using a You Tube video for the beginning of my Science Unit for year 1.

The main reason I am using this video is the to enquire what prior knowledge the students understand about living things and their environments and wanted to engage the students into interaction and explore with them the relevance it has to their lives and their living environment.  I want them to express their prior knowledge and then brainstorm ideas and to engage them into what they will be learning about in the unit.  This video is to also support them in their real life adventure that they will be experiencing on their nature walk.

In this article the author included a quote from the book (Educating the Net Generation) by Windham (2005) ‘recommend that, to engage learners in learning, new educational curriculum and activity must include – Interaction, Exploration, Relevancy, Multimedia and Instruction’ (Windham, 2005 pp. 5.7 – 5.9).

I believe that both this article and the book referenced will provide me with the proof that I am amplifying the students learning by the way I have used this You Tube video.


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