Nervous and Full of Excitement at the same time!

That sums my Professional Prac up for me.  I have planned my first mathematics lesson using ICTs and my mentor has given me some positive feedback, so I am feeling good at the moment.  For the nervous times I think I will bring out the silly putty.

At the school where I work the students have been working on procedures and mixtures for science and they made ‘silly putty’ last week.  I thought what a great way to help when nervous as it is easy to roll and can also be used as a stress ball.

So I have decided to share the recipe with you all, if in the case you would like to make a batch.  This is the link to a ‘you tube video’ on ‘How to Make Silly Putty’  which is very informative.

I see so many others fellow students writing about their prac, which is very exciting.   When I looked at Jane’s post, the school photo she posted made me think of what school would have like without any ICTs and no interaction in the classroom.

Well best of luck for everyone while on professional prac.


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