I would like to share about how the Pre-Service Teachers and first year teachers at the school I am doing my Professional Experience were provided with a Behaviour Management in-service.

It focussed on some of the everyday problems teachers are confronted with and gave many strategies and useful ideas to use for these situations.

She spoke about the Behaviour Management Guidelines that every state school in Queensland abides to.  This is called the Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students’ which is based on the Code of School Behaviour.

This link Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students takes you to the policy on the Education Queensland website.  This policy sets out a fair and consistent standard of behaviour for everyone (parents, students, staff) across all state schools. Schools provide a safe, supportive and disciplined learning environment in many ways, including:

  • inclusive and engaging curriculum and teaching
  • positive interpersonal relationships between staff, students and parents
  • fair, safe practices
  • non-discriminatory language and behaviours
  • reducing possible barriers to learning, especially for those most at risk
  • consideration and use of suspension, exclusion and cancellation of enrolment, only when all other approaches have been exhausted.

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