I have now completed my professional experience for EDC3100.  I feel exhausted, but proud of what I have achieved.

I did quite a lot of research on the behaviours that I was challenged with on professional experience and one of the main concerns I had, was keeping the students on task and to resettle them when they became off task.  Due to the extreme behaviours in the classroom, this was quite a challenge at times.

One activity I learned from another teacher was called ‘Copy Me’.  This is where the teacher uses a combination of clapping and movements to make a pattern.  The students need to copy what the teacher did.  The teacher who showed me only did movements and no sound.  The teacher would then have students come up and be the leader.  I used this activity a lot and it was very successful.

I was quite amazed to find where this activity came from.  As after reading Noeni’s post on ‘Classroom Games to Energise the Children’, she made reference to a website called Top Notch Teaching.  I decided to check this website and to my amazement the activity ‘Copy Me’ on there.

Another activity I learned on professional experience, called ‘beat the teacher’ which I also found on this website.   I am pleased that I read Noeni’s post and was able to check this website out.   I will be checking this website regularly in the future to see what other ideas come available.


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